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How to increase FPS on a Laptop? 5 Tips

Gaming means enjoying them very much. If your laptop does not have that many FPS, then you cannot play well. Many steps can increase the FPS of a laptop by ...

How to Charge a Laptop Without a  Charger? 7 Easy Tips

Hey, Are your charger is lost, or are you not somewhere, and the AC adapter is not carried with you? In this article, we share some hacks on how to charge ...

How to Remove Scratches from Aluminum Laptop?

Do you want to save the laptop from scratch? Or your laptop has started looking very bad due to being scratch? Well, let's know in full detail in this ...

How to Improve Laptop Battery Life? 12 Tips and Tricks

Do you know How to Improve Laptop Battery Life? Please follow the simple tips and tricks to Improve Laptop Battery Life. If the battery of your laptop is ...

How to Replace Laptop Battery (Easy Tips)

If you search on the Internet how to replace the laptop battery, you have found that the battery in the laptop does not provide a good backup or is out of ...

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