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How to Charge a Laptop Without a Charger? 6 Easy Tips

Hey, Are your charger is lost, or you are not somewhere, and the AC adapter is not carried with you?

Well, In this article we share some hacks on how to charge a laptop without a charger.

Please use the technology that we told us to charge your laptop without a charger, and it will work.

It is very sad to lose any equipment, such as mobile, laptops, chargers, and it feels very bad because we can’t make any electronic devices without having to carry a charger.

The original charger that came with the laptop is very high-quality and can charge the same device. For any other charging technology that I want to copy and obtain any device (such as a laptop), charging will be risky.

You will know that without the original charger, you cannot charge your laptop for free, and you will have to spend a little money to adopt another method.​​​ The best option is to buy a manufactured charger because the original charger always has good performance.

If you have a laptop that can last all day, you will be lucky, because the backup battery is a very important factor.

If the battery is not good, you will not be able to use the laptop better. Before buying a laptop, please remember how the battery performance is?

Nowadays, technology is becoming more and more available, and there is no other charging method, but you can charge the laptop battery by applying something and hacking methods

In this article, we will tell you how to charge the charger by applying some simple methods without a charger, which will be very helpful to you.

If you forgot to take the charger anywhere, but you have to be a little creative to apply all the methods.

Can I charge my laptop without a charger?

Yes, some of the easiest methods can be used to charge a laptop without using a charger. To learn how to do this, check out the guide below.

Tips of Charge a Laptop Without a Charger are

  • Using a Power bank
  • With a car charger
  • Externally
  • Using Phone
  • Using a Universal Power Adapter
  • Using Extra Battery

1. Using a Power bank

How to Charge a Laptop with a Power bank

The easiest way is to use a mobile power bank to charge a laptop without a charger. The power bank is a device that works like a portable battery.

You only need to connect your laptop or PC to the bank. The best thing is that you don’t have to put additional plug-ins on any mobile power when charging your laptop.

If you find a power bank on the market, it has many different variants and qualities, and each has a different charging capacity.

You need to know that if you buy a type A power bank, it will be able to charge a weaker laptop battery.

If you want to charge a more powerful laptop battery, you must buy an expensive premium USB Type-C mobile power bank. The USB Type-C mobile power bank can charge other electronic products, such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets, and it is also very easy to charge.

You should only use the power bank and charge your laptop when you need it most.

Please always put the power bank in your handbag, because if you accidentally lose the charger and do not carry the charger with you, there will be many problems and you will not be able to do any work.

All power banks can charge the laptop at most once or twice. You need to charge a powerful laptop, so it is very important to keep the power bank together at all times.

In addition, don’t charge your laptop with a power bank when you don’t need it, because when you need the laptop most, you won’t be able to charge it and you will feel very uncomfortable.

2. With a car charger

How to Charge a Laptop with a Car Charger?

If you go somewhere and forget to bring your laptop charger with you.

In this case, what would you do?

You have only one option to connect your laptop to the car. Don’t worry, because your car battery is always charging while driving.

There is no pressure to charge the laptop with the car battery, you can easily charge the laptop.

But there may be a problem, how to connect the laptop to the car charger?

There are only two ways to connect the car to charging,

  1. You must use a charging cable and use it through a type A or type C charging connector.
  2. The second is that you can also charge via a simple USB car charger.

3. Externally

How To Charge Laptop Battery Externally?

The laptop is considered to be the most important tool in this technological era. It can help us produce documents in various fields (especially in education, business) and make our work easier, but to take full advantage of all these benefits, the battery should be the charger of any laptop.

Charging is very difficult. Even if it costs millions of rupees, it will not be worthless on a laptop. If it is not possible to charge, everything will be useless. Even if you go somewhere, your high-quality laptop plays a very important role.

Normally, you may not charge your laptop because the laptop’s power port may be damaged or disconnected from the power supply, etc.

If you can’t charge your laptop, you must use other technologies, otherwise, you won’t be able to use the laptop unless you buy a new laptop. You can follow some other steps to charge the laptop battery externally.

The first method is that you can charge the battery from the outside, but for this, you must check the battery specifications correctly, because each battery has different specifications, if there is no battery and charger, the battery will also be damaged.

Some laptops support an AC adapter inside the battery. You must check the laptop battery power and AC power cannot be charged.

If not provided, please remove the battery directly from the adapter or charger.

Another solution is that you buy another battery, but this is not a good solution because it would be bad to put two batteries together.

If you buy 2 batteries, you must keep in mind that there should be a port to plug in and charge them from the outside.

4. Using Phone

How To Charge A Laptop Using Phone?

The power loss of the laptop battery is very annoying, but now due to advanced technology, our mobile power can do the job well. What is even more frustrating is that when you have to work on a project, you just want to see if the laptop battery is almost dead and there is no rechargeable port nearby. Or maybe you are not at home, you forgot the laptop charger, and you lost the charger.

Sometimes we charge mobile phones through laptops, and all phones are available when needed, but it seems a bit surprising to think that any laptop can be charged through mobile phones.

Do we know this is true?
Yes, it is possible.

However, laptops require more power, and drawing so much power from the phone can quickly drain the battery. You should only use this technique when you need it most.

The IT department needs a Type C charger, which is the latest port available in some of the latest laptops such as MacBook and Dell.

In addition, your laptop must have a concave port to support the C-type cable, and should have the function of USB-C charging technology.

Finally, you will need a Type C to Type C port, as the name suggests, there are Type C outputs on both sides of the USB.

So, first, connect one port to the phone and the other port to the USB of the laptop. When you connect your phone to charge, a menu will open. Click it, then select “Power other connected devices”, and your laptop is charging.

Disadvantages of applying this technique

This charging technology is not recommended because laptops and mobile phones have different charging functions and power sources. This charging method can damage the battery of a device, which can cause irritation. It may cause permanent damage to the battery, so that it will be depleted more quickly.

If you only need a little bit of strength to use a laptop to complete tasks, then a mobile phone may be your last hope.

5. Using a Universal Power Adapter

How to Charge a Laptop Using a Universal Power Adapter?

It would be nice to know that even the original official charger that does not use a universal power adapter can charge the laptop battery. In addition, if the voltage is set too high when using a universal power adapter, it may cause the battery to run out or malfunction.

By using a universal power adapter, you can charge some common brands of laptops. Not all laptops can be charged in this way.

Before charging, it is important to check the voltage of the power adapter and battery. If the two voltages of the device are not the same, do not charge, because you may experience serious battery problems.

Some batteries can be charged with the universal adapter of the car, so how to charge the laptop from the car battery, we have already mentioned in the details above.

6. Using Extra Battery

How to Charge a Laptop Using a Spare Battery?

To apply this method, you need to have a little knowledge of technology because it will have to apply a little repair type.

You have to buy an extra battery and see if there is a charging port or if it is not alright, then a little hard work.

Try the technique. I have already said no one can do it, it will take a little hard work and this technical problem is also fine because having laptops and charging for some extras is not a one-by-one.

For this, you will have to remove the battery that is in the laptop and install a super battery.

Super battery is a brand special battery like the external charger. You will have to buy the specific battery for the Specific laptop according to what you do if you want to apply this method.

Thi method is not always a good thing. Apply when You need a lot of emergencies, only because it is different from natural. It is better to buy a charger rather applying these types of techniques.

Final Words

Laptops (such as laptops charged with regular original chargers) are the best technology. However, if you get into problems such as a missing power adapter, or if you have to do important work, you won’t be able to just do all these picnics.

Use these technologies only when you need them most because the power level of your laptop battery will drop slightly, so there will be a slight drop.

If you lose your laptop charger, please buy a new one.

We hope that through this article, we provide some tips on how to charge a laptop without using a charger.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can write them in the comment box below. We will try to reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting GuideTocart. Have a Good Day.

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